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COOL School specializes in the development of engaging web-based resources, including Flash media, interactive explanations, educational games, drag-and-drops, puzzles, animations, video clips, and graphics. Pedagogical focus has included Critical Thinking, Project-Based Learning, 21st Century Skills, and Assessment for Learning. Most of our resources are integrated into either Moodle or Blackboard courses.

Partners & Clients

TC2 COOLSchool.ca has a number of collaborative projects with TC2 to develop online resources. These resources include a variety of media pieces, labs, projects, and learning guides that assist students in developing stronger critical thinking skills.
ubc COOLSchool.ca has worked in partnership with UBC to develop online resources for aimed at post-secondary Education and Science students.
safe23 COOLSchool.ca worked with School District #23's Health and Safety department to create an online site and courses. These courses include WHMIS, WorkSafeBC, Supervisor Safety, Hazard Recognition, and Preventing Workplace Violence. The courses are offered online through Moodle 2.x to employees across Canada.
BCCampus COOLSchool.ca has worked with partners to secure multiple BC Campus funded projects aimed at improving online resources in BC.
Telus COOLSchool.ca received a grant from Telus to develop online science and math resources. These resources are a series of interactive Flash media, used to engage students through games and maniuplation.
twincreekmedia COOLSchool.ca has worked with Twin Creek Media on the development of educational websites and media. Twin Creek Media provides media support and specializes in website exposure.
inukshuk COOLSchool.ca received a grant from Inukshuk to develop engaging online resources for students. These resources are a series of courses built in WebCT and Moodle which included a variety of media and evaluation tools.
Hustream COOLSchool.ca has worked with HuStream on a number of occasions to develop educational video resources. HuStream specializes in pedagogically-sound interactive video.
BCLN From 1999 to 2004, COOLSchool.ca was both a media development organization as well as a consortium of school districts. In 2004, BC Ed Online forced a separation, which resulted in COOLSchool.ca focusing on media development, while the consortium evolved into BCLearningNetwork.